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Listos para CEVC Civica European Venture Contest

EADTrust ha sido seleccionada como una de las empresas españolas que participarán en el Civica European Venture Contest Award 2011, cuya semifinal se celebrará en Pamplona (Navarra) el próximo 24  de noviembre de 2011.

El European Venture Contest Award es para EADTrust una oportunidad de  conversar con empresas e inversores dispuestos a apostar por las posibilidades que Internet  ha puesto al alcance de nuestra mano para agilizar la forma en la que se hacen negocios en el siglo XXI.
Esta es la lista de empresas presentadas.

Applying Companies


Celestino Álvarez Martínez
Adele Robots – Llanera [ES]
We create solutions on robots to human problems
Pedro Amador
Autocoaching – Madrid [ES]
SL Autocoaching is a coaching consulting that has developed a unique methodology Autocoaching®
Teresa Cristóbal
Comunitats – León [ES]
Software for the creation of exchange comunities (Saas)
Eduardo Inza
European Agency of Digital Trust – Madrid [ES]
Trusted services in the cloud. Registered e-mail, timestamp, electronic signature and electronic contracts.
Arturo Lizon-Nordstrom
Human-like Machines S.L. – Madrid [ES]
Empowering Proactivity in Customers Relations
Enric Escorsa
IALE Tecnología, S.L. – Barcelona [ES]
IALE Tecnología is a private consulting firm which has become one of the leading companies in the area of Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence in Spain and latinamerica
Anibal Garcia-Almuzara
Insights for TV – Oviedo [ES]
We´re a Research Institute focused on media research, through the intensive use of our own technology to deliver innovation in service to the market.
Jose Simoes
Mobitto – London [GB]
Mobitto is the lifestyle application, where users do the things they like, while merchants target the people they want, when they need them
Raquel Santana
myOffice Lda – Lisboa [PT]
Avila Business Center offers unique corporate visibility, for SMEs and start-up companies in a professional setting including meeting rooms, and a full range of services, such as office renting, coworkin, virtual office solutions and networking workshops.
Javier Moral
PlandeGira – Malaga [ES]
PlandeGira is an online booking web app focused on live music market, covering all needs for venues, bands and managers, introducing online booking for music venues and offering real-time travel and accomodation booking solutions.
Ignacio Secades
Robotics Special Applications – Oviedo [ES]
R&D for robots and robotic systems.
Mercedes Pereira
SKYMAGING S.L – Barcelona [ES]
SKYmaging offers aerial survey and remote sensing with light planes without a pilot on board (UAS) to provide georeferenced video, images and maps of the Earth for civilian use.
Carles Domènech
AB-Therapeutics, SL – Bellaterra (Barcelona), Catalonia [ES]
Pharma-Biotech company developing anti-cancer drugs with a novel mechanism of action: Membrane Lipid Therapy
Life Sciences
Mike Rhodes
Allerayde UK Ltd – Newark [GB]
Improving the prognosis in anaphylaxis, using a drug delivery system integrated with GNSS technology.
Life Sciences
Sergio Pumarola
Bioglane has developed enzymatic processes for the competitive production at large scale of D-fagomine, a little known natural iminosugar present in the human diet for centuries with positive nutritional health benefits related to overweight control
Life Sciences
Maria Semedo
Smart Ventures, SGPS. SA – Coimbra [PT]
Business Angels
Life Sciences
Alessandro Caraglio
Epik is an engineering company in Industrial software instruments and hardware area, since 2007 in solar technology with BLACKMAGIC efficency optimizer technology, in Septmber 11 makes a spin off
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Jean-Luc Soullier
Luxembourg Special Aerotechnics – Redange [LU]
R&D compagny working on manned and unmanned electrically powered aérial vehicles
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Morten Fuur
Solar Water Heater – solbjerg [DK]
Solar water heater for domestic use
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment



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